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(Posted 15/05/2020)

It is our understanding that NSDC have decided to open their two Car Parks in Kewstoke this weekend. The Chairman of the Council and Parish Clerk both attended an online briefing from NSDC where the Chairman raised the question as to why the Car Parks at Kewstoke specifically, were selected to be opened.  The answer from NSDC can be viewed by clicking on the following link:
The question is addressed after 1h29m30s into the meeting and it is possible to scroll directly to this point.
It would seem reasonable to open the toilets at the same time the Car Parks are opened and under the Current Government guidelines, it is now possible for this to happen. However, due to ongoing maintenance work at the toilet block, this may not be possible until a little later.
Any decision to reopen the toilets would be subject to a rigorous Risk Assessment as we not only wish to protect the Public but the Council staff tasked with cleaning and maintaining them whilst the risk of Covid-19 is still with us.



(Posted 13/04/2020)

The Parish Council fully support our staff and contractors who normally litter pick on the Beach and around the Village. We are currently following Government restrictions and guidelines during this crisis to keep them safe.  
It is noted that a number of the public have kindly offered to pick up litter whilst on their exercise walks. We would like to make them aware that some items of litter can be hazardous and that the Parish litter picking staff and contractors do use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at all times to remain safe. Hopefully we will be able to resume our normal professional litter pick service as soon as is safe and practical.

Councillor Jim MacDonald

Chairman Kewstoke Parish Council.




(Posted 11/04/2020)

Due to the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in, and on the guidance from the Government to reduce the spread of Covid-19 virus, all Parish Council and associated meetings, including the Annual Parish meeting, have been cancelled for the foreseeable future.

If you need to contact the Parish Council this can be via the Contact page of this web site or the Parish Clerk at or Tel  07836 386244.


COVID-19: North Somerset Together.

(Posted 09/04/2020)

​Latest information about North Somerset support services, health advice, the situation in the UK and how to stay up to date:


(Posted 24/03/2020)

In line with the recently announced Government advice to prevent the spread of coronavirus and to protect our staff, the Parish Council has taken the decision to close the toilets at the Bus Terminus Car Park until further notice.
The Play area on the Village Green will also close.

Councillor Jim MacDonald

Chairman Kewstoke Parish Council.



(Posted 07/03/2020)

The Parish Council is in receipt of a loan Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) from NSDC, which, in accordance with their guide lines has,been situated at the junction of Beach Road and Crookes lane for a trial period.

Any feedback relating to its effectiveness or otherwise would be appreciated.



(Posted 12/02/2020)

Last night (Tues 11th Feb) there was an attempted break in to the Car Park machine opposite the Commodore Hotel.
Currently the machine is out of service but users should purchase a ticket via the pay by phone service instead
If you saw any suspicious activity please let us or the police know.



(Posted 12/02/2020)

The Environment Agency will shortly be carrying out work on the sand dunes. A recent inspection of the dunes flagged up that they need attention to combat the erosion that has been taking place.
They will be blocking up some of the lesser used entrances to the beach and erecting some new Chestnut fencing which will allow the sand to build up behind it.


(Posted 06/02/2020)

The proposals were discussed at the Parish Council meeting (3rd February). The Councillors were all in favour, although wishing the following comment and request to be included. 

1. A request to also include a white line denoting  the centre of the road on the Crookes lane proposal around the bend as you look right from the entrance to the Ardnave Caravan Park.

2. On the Beach Road proposal the double lines on the non seaward side appear to exceed the junction with Kewstoke Road where a number of residents opposite currently park vehicles. 


It was also agreed to support the inclusion of a request to have Blue Badge holders only signs outside the Tea Room in respect of the 4 allocated parking spaces. 

- Crookes Lane proposed changes (PDF Document).

- Sand Road proposed changes (PDF Document).

- Beach Road proposed changes (PDF Document).


Footpath Crookes Lane - UPDATE 04/02/20.
We are pleased to report that the land owners have now approached the Parish Council regarding the granting of a new easement agreement for the path on Crookes Lane between the Village Hall & the Bay Bar. The Parish Council are actively participating in negotiations with all parties to secure the footpath for our community and visitors to Kewstoke.
As a council, we are ever mindful of the fact that any agreement will ultimately be funded by residents in their payment of the Parish Council precept to the North Somerset Council Community charge. With this in mind we aim to secure an agreement that will be in the best interests of parishioners whilst also securing the long term future of the footpath.

Councillor Jim MacDonald
Chairman Kewstoke Parish Council.

Footpath Crookes Lane.
The easement agreement with the previous owner of the land on which the footpath in Crookes Lane runs, expired in late December. The path runs between the Village Hall and the Chip Shop. The present landowners have agreed to come back to the Parish Council with their proposals for a new easement agreement. Whilst this is being negotiated, the landowners have agreed that the footpath remain open for use by the public. The Parish Council look forward to working with the landowner in achieving this agreement, which we hope will be of benefit to all parties and the safety of the residents and visitors who use it.

Councillor Jim MacDonald
Chairman Kewstoke Parish Council.

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