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Consultation in Respect of Land off Lyefield Road

Posted 17th May 23

Please see link to an online pre-application consultation in respect of land off Lyefield Road, Kewstoke submitted by M7Planning

The consultation will run until 24th May and the outcome of which will be reflected in the consultants submission.
If you would wish to provide feedback please use the details provided at the end of the consultation document or the email or visit
The Parish Council will be providing its own comments.

Faster Broadband for Kewstoke

Posted 17th May 23

Whilst some residents have good Broadband speeds to their homes, there are many, particularly towards the Sand point end of Beach Road and Sand Road who do not. Its all to do with Fibre connections replacing the old Copper wire GPO cables. Kewstoke is currently deemed to be ‘rural’ and is not on the priority list for this work, although a lot of Weston super Mare is currently having fibre installed.

It appears that the providers could be ‘swayed’ should there be a strong interest from a community for this service (they are businesses and are driven by profit). The current leading company putting in Fibre into Weston is CityFibre.

By visiting their website: and putting your Post Code in to see if you are likely to be in a planned area, it will come up: "Thanks for your interest, we haven’t planned your area at the moment".  But it will have registered your interest with them. If a lot of people do this they may become minded to ‘plan our area’.

There is also the Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme giving vouchers up to £4500.00. where you can see the companies that are active in this work and if you are eligible for a voucher.
You can also register you interest via the Kewstoke Parish Council Website. Simply use the Contact page to tell us your POSTCODE.
All of the declarations of interest will be put en bloc to CityFibre on behalf of the Community.
So even if you have fast broadband speeds in your home, lets try and help our fellow residents who don’t.

Thank You.

Kewstoke Parish Council.

Grass Cutting on the Sea Bank

Posted 12th May 23

The Parish Council contractors were unable to carry out the first of the two annual cuts of the sea front bank this year, because of the inclement weather. The wild flowers and grasses, whilst not all indigenous to here, do look spectacular at the moment.

The Parish Council have decided that the first cut will not take place now until early July when the flowers have gone to seed. It may make the cutting more difficult in July and we will monitor the outcome of this action before making any decisions for future years. 

Notice of Public Rights

Posted 12th May 23


Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 Sections 26 and 27.

The Accounts and Audit Regulations (SI2015 2015/234).

Click HERE.

Defibrillator Training

Posted 4th Apr 23

We now have three Parish Council owned Defibrillators in the Village: One outside the Village Hall, another in the phone box at the junction of Crookes Lane & Kewstoke Road and a third now at the Bus Terminus Kiosk in Sand Road. There are other defibrillators that are privately owned in the village as well.


Using a piece of equipment such as a defibrillator, whilst under instruction from the Ambulance service and under pressure to save a life, could be a daunting proposition. Especially for someone using the equipment for the first time.


Kewstoke Parish Council have made contact with a company that offer hands on  Defibrillator training for groups. Dates & timings have not yet been confirmed, but the Parish Council would like to gauge the interest shown by residents at attending such a training. There will be no charge made for this, although donations will be gratefully received to help defray the cost.


If you would be interested in attending a training session in the use of using a defibrillator please email  Mike the Parish Clerk or give him a call on 07836 368244

Defibrillator Unit in the Telephone Box

Posted 22nd Jan 23

You may well have read in the Parish Newsletter, or seen that the Parish Council has installed a Defibrillator Unit in the red Telephone Box at the junction of Kewstoke Road and Crookes Lane, which is now operational.
Please see the link below to a video presentation which provides an overview on how it can be used, as well as how to perform CPR. The machine itself will issue verbal instructions when in use but an overview of this basic first aid advice in the video may help save someone's life.    

Kewstoke Gas Pipe Upgrade

Posted 9th Oct 22

The £550,000 work will start on 17 October and is essential to keep the gas flowing safely to heat and power local homes and businesses. Barring any engineering difficulties, it will be complete in June next year.


For full details of the gas pipe upgrade work in the Beach Road area of Kewstoke, please click HERE.

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