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(Posted 20/07/2020)

The Yellow signs directing coaches on the Toll road away from Kewstoke Road have now been removed. The Traffic Restriction Order requested by the Parish Council is now in place and coaches are now only allowed to enter when dropping off or picking up.


(Posted 04/07/2020)

The Play Area is now open albeit in a restricted capacity.

Scientific advice suggests that the COVID-19 virus can survive for up to several days on some hard surfaces. The risks are reduced when outdoors, where surfaces may be subject to UV light and/or rain. Whilst all possible practical measures have been put in place the user of this equipment does so at their own choice and risk.

To ensure Government Guidelines are observed and users stay safe, please ensure the following guidelines are observed:

1. Consumption of Food and drink within the play area is forbidden

2. Only those under 14 years old to use the play equipment.

3. This site is used at the participants own risk

4. All litter is disposed in the litter bins or taken home.

5. Social distancing is observed at all times by both users of the play area as well as Parents and Guardians and Carers.

6. Face Coverings where appropriate, are used.

7. A Maximum number of users to use an item of play equipment as indicated on the equipment.

8. Parents where possible are requested to bring hand sanitiser gel or wipes to clean their children’s hands before and after using the equipment.

9. Users and Parents or Guardians of users are not to touch their faces, and to cough or sneeze into a tissue or arm when a tissue is not available.

10. Adults and Children not to put their mouths on equipment or their hands in their mouths.

11. Parents, Guardians or Carers should dispose of all litter including any used protective wear such as face coverings or gloves properly in litter bins or taking it home. Note Disposable face coverings and gloves cannot be recycled.

COVID-19: North Somerset Together.

(Posted 09/04/2020)

​Latest information about North Somerset support services, health advice, the situation in the UK and how to stay up to date:


​​(Posted 12/02/2020)

The Environment Agency will shortly be carrying out work on the sand dunes. A recent inspection of the dunes flagged up that they need attention to combat the erosion that has been taking place.
They will be blocking up some of the lesser used entrances to the beach and erecting some new Chestnut fencing which will allow the sand to build up behind it.


Footpath Crookes Lane - UPDATE 04/02/20.
We are pleased to report that the land owners have now approached the Parish Council regarding the granting of a new easement agreement for the path on Crookes Lane between the Village Hall & the Bay Bar. The Parish Council are actively participating in negotiations with all parties to secure the footpath for our community and visitors to Kewstoke.
As a council, we are ever mindful of the fact that any agreement will ultimately be funded by residents in their payment of the Parish Council precept to the North Somerset Council Community charge. With this in mind we aim to secure an agreement that will be in the best interests of parishioners whilst also securing the long term future of the footpath.

Councillor Jim MacDonald
Chairman Kewstoke Parish Council.

Footpath Crookes Lane.
The easement agreement with the previous owner of the land on which the footpath in Crookes Lane runs, expired in late December. The path runs between the Village Hall and the Chip Shop. The present landowners have agreed to come back to the Parish Council with their proposals for a new easement agreement. Whilst this is being negotiated, the landowners have agreed that the footpath remain open for use by the public. The Parish Council look forward to working with the landowner in achieving this agreement, which we hope will be of benefit to all parties and the safety of the residents and visitors who use it.

Councillor Jim MacDonald
Chairman Kewstoke Parish Council.

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