Kewstoke Road Safety

Posted 09/10/21

There have been recent serious incidents involving buses on Kewstoke Road. Residents also have further concerns for the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders from vehicles using Kewstoke Road as a ‘rat run’ to avoid traffic in Weston.
Kewstoke Parish Council, working with North Somerset Council, will be installing a series of three vehicle data collecting points along Kewstoke Road. These will record vehicle speeds and timing in both directions, as well as the type of vehicle being used. The data from this survey will give an accurate picture of what is happening and whether additional traffic calming or enforcement is required.

Jim MacDonald - Kewstoke Parish Council Chairman.

Village Appraisal and Action Plan

Posted 22/07/21

Back in 2002 Kewstoke Parish Council backed a Parish Appraisal and produced an action plan. It started with an open meeting at the Village Hall on 2nd February 2002. It was called 020202.
This event with interactive display boards was well received by the community and from the event the Parish Plan Survey group was formed.
A questionnaire was created, delivered  & collected by hand to every house in the Parish.
The results of this work was the publication of the Village Appraisal and Action plan that you can now see here.

The Parish Council has used this plan to judge its response to issues such as planning and services in the community. Not everything that was deemed important by residents worked in practice. As you will see there were calls for a bus service to Worle. When an opportunity arose to get a provider to make this happen, it had to be abandoned as it was so little used, it wasn’t viable.
Some of the aspirations have been met and as you look through the questions and responses now, some are outdated but many of these topics are still raised and are important today. There will also be new topics that need to be addressed.

The 2nd of February 2022 or 020222 will be here soon and The Parish Council would like to set up a steering group made up from members of the community to create a new Village Appraisal and Action plan.  This will bring up to date the aspirations and wishes of our community going forward. It will be an aid to planning responses and the many issues that we are dealing with now and in the future.

We now have a much better tool chest in the way of Survey software and the internet which will make this a much easier task to do, but it is still a big project to undertake. If you are interested in becoming part of this steering group, we would very much like to hear from you. Whilst the last Appraisal was a lot of work, I remember that there were communal suppers with not insignificant quantities of red wine consumed, so is a lot of fun to do as well.

If you are interested in getting involved please email Mike the Parish Clerk or speak to one of your parish councillors and we will get the ball rolling again for 020222

Jim MacDonald- Kewstoke Parish Council Chairman.

Bin Emptying

Posted 19/07/21

Thank you for all the recent communications regarding the problem of overflowing bins.
We're pleased to inform you that the Parish Council have arranged through NSDC for their contractor to add an extra empty of the bins in Kewstoke on a Sunday in addition to the current schedule for the period of the school holidays, starting this Sunday. Then to be reviewed. This will be at no cost to the Parish Council.It should help with preventing overflowing bins on a Monday before Glendale arrive late morning.


This will be closely monitored to see if it resolves the issue without having to add more bins.
We encourage people wherever possible to take their litter home with them to be appropriately recycled or disposed of.

Thank you!

Community Response Officers

Posted 10/06/21

The Parish Council in partnership with NSC are to shortly instigate Community Response officer patrols of the Beach and Dunes at Sand Bay on a daily basis utilising the powers granted under a Public Spaces Protection Order, in an effort to combat anti-social behaviour, littering , criminal damage etc. which have been experienced recently in the area.

Community Response Officers have the authority to issue on the spot fines for breaches of the PSPO although the emphasis will be on educating those responsible of the effects of their actions,    

It is hoped that they will be backed up shortly by Community litter wardens.

Traffic/Parking issues – Statement by the Parish Council

Posted 04/03/21

The Parish Council is aware of a number of parking issues in and around the village and in particular Myrtle Tree Crescent, St Bridges Close and Crookes lane.
Following a recent Parish Council meeting the Chairman of the Parish  Council  has written and referred  the matter  to the  North Somerset Councils  head of Transport and Infrastructure, who it is understood has requested his Highways Manager to allocate some resource to looking at the problems, both in the Interim and longer Term.


The urgency of providing permanent solutions was stressed as well as providing some immediate help to alleviate the current situation, such as Traffic Cones.  

It is hoped that with the easing of Lockdown and Covid-19 related restrictions numbers visiting the Village will decrease and the parking issues reduce.

The Parish Council will continue to work with NSDC in addressing the traffic issues and will monitor the situation and any progress made by the Highways Manager, as well as providing regular updates. 

Play Area - COVID 19 Restrictions

Posted 04/07/20

The Play Area is now open albeit in a restricted capacity.

Scientific advice suggests that the COVID-19 virus can survive for up to several days on some hard surfaces. The risks are reduced when outdoors, where surfaces may be subject to UV light and/or rain. Whilst all possible practical measures have been put in place the user of this equipment does so at their own choice and risk.

To ensure Government Guidelines are observed and users stay safe, please ensure the following guidelines are observed:

1. Consumption of Food and drink within the play area is forbidden
2. Only those under 14 years old to use the play equipment.
3. This site is used at the participants own risk
4. All litter is disposed in the litter bins or taken home.
5. Social distancing is observed at all times by both users of the play area as well as Parents and Guardians and Carers.
6. Face Coverings where appropriate, are used.
7. A Maximum number of users to use an item of play equipment as indicated on the equipment.
8. Parents where possible are requested to bring hand sanitiser gel or wipes to clean their children’s hands before and after using the equipment.
9. Users and Parents or Guardians of users are not to touch their faces, and to cough or sneeze into a tissue or arm when a tissue is not available.
10. Adults and Children not to put their mouths on equipment or their hands in their mouths.
11. Parents, Guardians or Carers should dispose of all litter including any used protective wear such as face coverings or gloves properly in litter bins or taking it home. Note Disposable face coverings and gloves cannot be recycled.

COVID 19: North Somerset Together

Posted 09/04/20

Latest information about North Somerset support services, health advice, the situation in the UK and how to stay up to date: