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Comforting Hands

My name is Maxine Gilman and I am the

Village Agent for Kewstoke.


What is a Village Agent?


My role is to link people in rural areas to advice and

support services to maintain independent living.

I offer a friendly, free and confidential service to

anyone over 50.


I can provide information and advice on many different issues that may be worrying you. For example:

  • Help to stay living in your own home.

  • Information regarding care support.

  • Information on social groups and activities.

  • Support if you are feeling socially isolated and lonely.

  • Information regarding transport to medical appointments.

  • Information regarding financial concerns and money matters.

  •  Help with completing forms, such as Attendance Allowance.

  • Information on keeping fit and active.

  • Advice on accident and falls prevention.

  • Advice on unwanted callers and scams.

  • Support with health and wellbeing.

  • I can offer one to one support.

  • I can also help you and your community to set up groups and activities.


If you would like my advice on anything, please call Maxine Gilman on 07967344766 or email

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