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Jim MacDonald

Role: Kewstoke Parish Council Chairman

I have lived in Kewstoke with my wife Ann and two daughters, Elizabeth & Emily for the last 28 years. We have a small family business in Worle. I have always had an interest in what goes on in our community and by being a member of the Parish Council it allows me in a small way to influence how the village progresses.

I have far too many interests for it to be healthy. I regularly play squash & golf & like working in my garden, but our family adventures on our sailing boat is my great passion

Committees: Planning Committee. Toll/Traffic Management/Road working group. Cygnet Liaison. Policy & Finance Committee. Media Committee

Contact information: 01934 642053 - Register of Interests.

Tony Morris

Role: Vice Chairman

I have lived in Kewstoke for just over sixty years & my family back to Grandparents since soon after WW1.
My parents lived near the toll gate & I attended Kewstoke Primary School. When I left Worle Comprehensive School I worked with my father as a builder for twenty years & for the last twenty four years as a sole trader. Janette & I have been married for forty years, we have three children & six grandchildren.
We have lived in Manor Gardens all our married life, I became a Parish Councillor in 1995, I love the village & will always have its best interests at heart.

​Committees: Planning Committee. Bank signatory. Toll/Traffic Management/Road Working Group. Cygnet Liaison. Policy & Finance Committee (Chairman). Staffing Committee.

Contact information: 01934 414654 - Register of Interests.

Mike Hardwick

Role: Kewstoke Parish Council Clerk

Along with my wife Karen, I moved to Sand Bay in October 2017 and since then we have gradually become more and more involved in the local community.  I have taken early retirement, allowing me time to focus on the varied duties of the Parish Clerk and our new home here.   
Living in the community I share many of the issues with local residents and have a real interest in ensuring this unique area is maintained in keeping with resident’s wishes.   
My hobbies include Golf and D.I.Y and whilst I am no Rory Mcllroy I love the, often frustrating, challenges of Golf!

Committees: Planning Committee. Beach Management Group. Toll/Traffic Management /Road working group. Policy & Finance Committee. Media Committee. Staffing Committee.

Contact information: 07836 386244

Russell Adams

Role: Planning Chairman

I've farmed in Sand Bay with my family for many, many years. I'm passionate about the countryside and helping to maintain it for all to enjoy. If you'd like to know more about me and what life is like on the farm then see my regular feature; 'The Grumpy Farmer' in the Village magazine.

Committees: Planning Committee. Bank signatory. Beach Management Group. Toll/Traffic Management/Road Working Group. West Mendip Drainage Board. Policy & Finance Committee.

Contact information: 01934 645657 - Register of Interests.

Rose Cunningham

Role: Parish Councillor

I previously worked at The Woolpack in St Georges before moving to the village and served on the parish council, of  St Georges, as vice Chairperson for eight years.
I live on Kewstoke Road overlooking the amazing views of Kewstoke and Sand Bay.
I love working in my very steep garden, redesigning and changing it from the wilderness that it was.
I feel that I am very lucky to be living in such an amazing village, overlooking the sea and views out to Cardiff and the Somerset countryside,  with so many amenities that are there for everyone to enjoy.

Committees: Planning Committee. Kewstoke Relief in Need Representative. Media Committee. Staffing Committee (Chairman).

Contact information: 01934 629512 - Register of Interests.

Ken Harper

Role: Parish Councillor

I moved into Kewstoke 30 years ago, and as the village started to changed I joined the Parish Council to help to keep it clean and tidy and to renovate the Village Green. The beach and foreshore are well used and all the rubbish bins are emptied regularly.
I enjoy working hard with the Parish Council to keep this popular area known as Sand Bay non commercialized..

Committees: Planning Committee. Bank signatory. Beach Management Group. Staffing Committee.

Contact information: 01934 419331 - Register of Interests.

Tony Horry

Role: Parish Councillor

Tony arrived in the village in 1962 when he was posted to RAF Locking after a secondment to the Royal Rhodesian Air Force.   His service career ended in 1967 and he became a civilian instructor at RAF Locking. 
With an interest in community affairs he was elected to Kewstoke Parish Council and Axbridge RDC in 1970 and in 1974 to the newly formed Woodspring District Council and then later became a Trustee & Chairman of Avon Community Council.  He also was closely involved with the development and building of the Village Hall, successfully achieved in 1987.  Tony was Chairman of the Parish Council 2012 – 2018.  Has been married twice and has two sons.

Committees: Planning Committee. Bank signatory. Beach Management Group. Toll/Traffic Management/Road Working Group. Policy & Finance Committee. Staffing Committee.

Contact information: 01934 628383 - Register of Interests.

Karen Jenkins

Role: Parish Councillor

My partner Jay and son Daniel made a permanent move to the beautiful village of Kewstoke in 2013. I was a member of the Parish Council in the village where I used to live for many years and was keen to get involved with the community here to carry on this important work.
I am currently the administrator of Kewstoke Village Facebook page, providing a wide source of information for residents and visitors. I also volunteer as Secretary to the 34th Weston Scout Group and I am a full-time teacher. My interests include computing, organising events and listening to live music.

Committees: Planning Committee. Newsletter Co-ordinator. Media Committee.

Contact information: 01934 221521. - Register of Interests.

Glen Vearncombe

Role: Parish Councillor

My wife Patricia and I have lived in Kewstoke for nearly 30 years, where I have owned and run Hatley Garage. I have one son and one granddaughter, and in my spare time I enjoy playing golf, touring the country in my motor home and attending to my allotment. For the past 8 years, as part of my role on the Parish Council I have managed all the allotments.

Committees: Planning Committee. Allotment Liaison. Toll/Traffic Management/Road Working Group.

Contact information: 01934 622495 - Register of Interests.

Nancy Whyte

Role: Parish Councillor

I have lived in the Hawke Road area of Kewstoke for 35 years with my husband Harrison and brought up our two sons through local schools.
I have been on the Parish Council for a number of years and past Chair.
I am an active member of the local Church, St Pauls, Kewstoke and also Trustee of Kewstoke Village Hall and Relief in Need Charity.
Harrison and I also play bowls, a lot! And are members of Victoria Bowling Club which takes up a good amount of our time, especially in the summer months.  I seem to be more active since I retired!

Committees: Planning Committee. Kewstoke Relief in Need Representative. Newsletter Co-ordinator. Media Committee. Xmas Party Working Group.

Contact information: 01934 516212 - Register of Interests.

Martin Williams.jpg

Martin Williams

Role: Unitary Councillor



Contact information:

Lisa Pilgrim

Role: Unitary Councillor

I have lived in Kewstoke Ward for over 20 years with my family.
My daughter is just off to Uni and my son is at 6th Form ( a Kewstoke Primary ex pupil).
Having previously worked in Bristol, I now work for a local firm in Weston super Mare which runs alongside my responsibilities as one of your North Somerset Councillors.

Contact information: 01934 627374

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